Our Websites

Listed below are some of the websites that we have built and maintain, they represent a wide range of services and formats and have been built specifically to enhance colours and themes that are relevant with that particular area of interest.

Some are fairly complex and contain self populating product sales pages while some are “Clean & Simple” giving a crisp fresh look such as this (Tiger Web Services) website. Menus can be managed as drop downs or customized on specific pages to suit the site while a wide range of Plugins & Widgets support the more complex and individual looks.

E-mail accounts can be created for each website with redirection to other accounts if required.


Real Estate Sales based site with Vacation Rental Homes & Related Services

This site has been built to a specific requirement that needs a lot of information and functionality, it includes multiple image galleries, self populating product pages, product classification for properties being sold & for rent as well as indexes for services and also contains pages that are password protected and not included within the site navigation. The theme of the site matches the “International Feel” and Travel / Vacation related subject matter.


Resale Fashion Clothing & Accessories including Bags, Purses & Shoes and some Antiques

Classy Closets was built for a very fussy client with very specific ideas of colours and layout, it uses a WordPress platform with multiple Plugins to optimize navigation, it also has multiple domains “Pointed” to it with other relevant information within those names. Photo stitching has been used to create collages and the multiple galleries show off the many products available within the sites inventory.


Motorcycle site with multiple uses for Information, Rides, Sales and International Tours

Again a WordPress platform which utilizes multiple Plugins and Widgets on customized pages, the backgrounds, stitches and banners have been built to achieve “Click on” image information with some having built in URL redirection to relevant pages or to other websites. The galleries have been built for image enhancement when they are clicked on to really emphasize the content in a clear and focused manner. This site also has a self populating sales Plugin for advertisers who want to show off their bikes for sale and some products shown can be bought through the site using the Paypal payment ordering system. This site also has multiple domains pointed to the main URL covering most popular motorcycle brand names.

www.jagensport.com  (which also hosts two sub-domains)

Archery, Hunting & Information site with linked sub-domains on relevant related subject matter

This site is again based on a WordPress platform and uses multiple Plugins with customized backgrounds, it has rotating Header images which randomly change as pages are viewed. It uses similar navigation methods to those sites above with customizeable pages and menus, it also has self populating pages for product advertising. The two sub-domains are linked via menus but are stand alone websites, we can create as many sub-domains as needed to enhance a site and the purchase of extra domains is not required.

And coming soon………….

Many other websites with attributes similar to those above and customized to individual requirements.

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